There are many business and legal issues that impact the success and satisfaction of construction professionals.  Yet, most architects, engineers, construction managers, and other construction professionals did not attend business or law school and have to struggle with these issues on the job every day.  We want to help you.  Column & Beam addresses practical business and legal issues to help construction professionals improve their practices so that they can:

  • Run their business successfully
  • Work on satisfying projects that run smoothly
  • Minimize project risk
  • Become more successful. 

Column & Beam offers practical, straight-talking, non-legalese advice to make the business of architects, engineers, construction managers and construction professionals easier and more profitable.

About Us:
Column & Beam is published by Gibbes Burton, LLC.  Our attorneys have many decades of experience working on construction matters and working with both large and small businesses.  We have drafted standard forms to be used in every facet of construction projects, negotiated large and small contracts with our client’s customers, created business entities, and handled claims and lawsuits when projects have issues.   We have seen a lot and bring our experience to every post to help your business thrive.

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