I recall the first informal use of an acronym I received in a business communication.  It was the summer of 2011 and I was working on a lawsuit where opposing counsel sent me an email that ended with “LOL”.  I was quite disturbed because although we had a congenial relationship, I thought it was a bit much for opposing counsel to close the email with “Lots of Love.”  I immediately printed out the email and took it to the attorney in charge of our office and explained my concern.  After laughing out loud, he told me that is exactly what “LOL” means.  Although I was embarrassed to display how far behind I was with communicating in the 21st century, part of me has always thought that my interpretation wasn’t that ridiculous.  In fact, in preparing this article, I did some quick research and found that today, “LOL” can mean “Laughing out Loud”, “Lots of Love”, and “Lesbian On-Line”.

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