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You Can Make 2017 More Successful – By Analyzing 2016

goalIn our last blog about making 2017 a success, we talked about setting goals for the type of work and clients that you want in 2017.   To make that a reality, not only should you be looking forward to next year, but it is also helpful if you take a look back at this year so that you can implement a business plan for 2017 that will get you to your goals.

Some of the information that you might consider:

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FAA Removes Obstacles to Commercial Drone Operations

droneOn August 29, 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) new guidelines regarding the commercial operation of drones became effective.  The guidelines represent the FAA’s first comprehensive regulation of drones and are primarily found in Part 107 of the FAA Regulations.  They can be found here:  The FAA has also produced some helpful summaries and guides which can help you understand the new requirements:  The new regulations address the unmanned aircraft or drone itself, the pilot, and the operational limitations for drone flights.  Importantly, the new regulations apply only to small drones weighing less than 55 pounds.

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What’s up with the name?

Welcome to our new blog. Many years ago, I was asked to represent a structural engineer by his professional liability carrier. Not willing to accept the attorney foisted upon him, the engineer interviewed me to see if I knew anything about design and construction matters. The first question he asked was whether I knew the difference between and column and a beam. Apparently, I passed the test and the engineer is now a good friend. We hope that this blog will provide practical information about design and construction law.

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